The Wietings

Dr. and Mrs. P. G. Wieting had moved to Toledo in the spring of 1867 from Worcester, NY. Wieting initially practiced dentistry in Toledo and also had successful interests in the mercantile and abstract businesses. In 1878, with his father-in-law, N .H. Wilder, Dr. Wieting started the Toledo City Bank - forerunner of the present local bank. He was on the board of directors until his death on Feb. 12, 1906.

Around the turn of the century, the Wietings moved back to New York state, to Syracuse. Wieting, who had prospered here, prospered even more in the new location where he became associated with a relative in a manufacturing concern and amassed his new fortune.

After his death, his widow gave generously to worthy causes. Three of her gifts were memorial theater to the three towns where the Wietings had lived happily and participated widely in civic affairs: Worcester, New York; Toledo, Iowa; and Syracuse, New York.