Thank you for your interest in becoming a Wieting Theatre volunteer!

We have lots of opportunities for you and we would like to use this online form to capture some sense of your interests and availability so we can make your service at the Wieting stress-free and fun.  We do our best to share information with you (including schedule updates) via this web site and through e-mail, so please provide us with an e-mail address if you have one.  If not, that's OK too.  We have several volunteers without e-mail so we also send out updates in the postal mail. 


Name(s) Order
Please enter your full name in the space provided. We also welcome couples and families who wish to work as a team so please feel free to list your names separately (space for up to 5 names is permitted) or in the form "John and Jane Doe" if you like. The FIRST name listed should be the primary contact for all. This is the person who will receive notifications and invitations from the Wieting.
Email Address(es) Order
Enter up to 5 valid email addresses, enough for one per person if you are signing up the whole family. The first email address listed will be the primary contact, and the Wieting will send all notifications and invitations to that address. Other addresses may or may not receive all notifications. Please DO NOT specify the same email address more than once as our system cannot accommodate re-use of duplicate addresses. Any duplicates you provide will be ignored.
Please select the role(s) you or your team would like to fill. You may select more than one role. Concessions and Monitors require at least 2 volunteers per performance, so if you don't have a team a guild member will contact you to find a suitable partner. Provide additional details or ask questions in the Message section at the top of this form.
Phone Number(s) Order
Optional. Please provide the Wieting with up to 5 contact phone numbers. We rarely have any need to call our volunteers and we will never share your number with anyone. Please list number in preferred order if you provide more than one.
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