Camp Creamery 2019

Print the attached PDF form, fill it out, and mail it in along with payment for the camp.  Hurry, space is limited!

Camp Creamery: 'Calamity Jane and the Showdown at Dry Gulch' is a week-long workshop for children interested in exploring the exciting world of theatre! The camp is designed to give children entering second grade and up the unique opportunity to work and perform with three professional actors from the Old Creamery Theatre while they rehearse and present a play. 'Calamity Jane and the Showdown at Dry Gulch' is the rootin’est, tootin’est musical this side of the Old West. Registration is first come, first served and everyone that signs up will be cast in the show. So dust off your cowboy boots and get ready because there hasn’t been anything this exciting since the last gold rush!

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Admission and Concessions


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  • Pop - $2.50 per bottle (20 oz.).  We generally will have Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Root Beer and Sierra Mist.
  • Gatorade - $2.50 per bottle.  We generally will have G2 flavors Glacier Freeze (blue), Fruit Punch (red), and Grape.
  • Water - $1 per bottle.
  • Regular Size Candy  - $1.50 each
  • Large Size Candy - $2.50 each
  • Regular (32 oz.) Popcorn - $2 each
  • Jumbo (85 oz.) Popcorn - $4.00 each
  • Snack Tray -  $5.00  (Drink + Popcorn + Regular Candy)
  • Combo Pack - $8.00  (2 Drinks + Jumbo Popcorn)